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ECB: Greece has the lowest growth rate in Eurozone

Greece recorded the lowest growth rate in 2017 among the EU member-states, according to the  annual report of the European Central Bank released  on Monday. The Greek GDP amounted to 1.4%, compared with a 2.3% average in the eurozone, while Ireland’s figure stood at 5%.

According to the report, the main factor that contributed to the disappointing rate was private consumption, which rose by only 0.1% in 2017, compared with an average increase of 1.6% in the rest of the EU states. Furthermore, Greece’s 1.1% fall in state expenditure, compared to an average rise in the Eurozone of 1.2%, exacerbated the problem.

In terms of per capita GDP at current prices and adjusted for the cost of living, each Greek has an income of 19,900 euros, compared with 54,600 euros for each Irish. In Portugal, the average income amounts to 23,100 euros, compared with 18,100 euro before the crisis. In Cyprus, the average income is 24,600 euros compared to 29,900 euro before the crisis.

According to the ECB report, on average, the median income per capita in the euro area is 31,700 euros, according to the latest measurements (figures are 2016), compared with 24,300 euros before the crisis.

PS I want to see the annual Greek income of 19,900 euros in real life and not on papers….

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  1. ECB sounds like a doctor who makes a faulty diagnosis, gives you the wrong medicine and then says: “Hey, you are not well!”
    Does anyone wonder why? Another bunch of useless, clueless banksters!