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Toddler drowns in hotel swimming pool where mother works as cleaner

A four-year-old girl was drowned in the swimming of a hotel facility where her mother was working as part of the housekeeping and cleaning staff. The mother would take the little girl to work as she had nowhere to live it.

The tragedy occurred on Monday in Migli Vigla on the island of Naxos.

The mother was reportedly busy with ironing  in the basement.

According to local naxostimes, four-year-old Katerina was playing next to her working mother. At some point, she escaped her attendance. The mother started to search in panic for the daughter. After ten minutes, she discovered the little body floating in the swimming pool.

An ambulance was called, an accompanying doctor gave first aid and the girl was transferred to the hospital of the island. Doctors’ managed to bring her to breathing for very short time but ultimately the girl did not make it.

Police has detained the facility owner for neglecting safety measures. Detained have been also the girl’s parents over negligence of a minor. The couple, workers from Albania, was set free upon the prosecutor’s order.

While authorities are preparing a case file, the body of the girl is expected to be transferred to Syros or Athens for the necessary autopsy.

The hotel facility was not open, the staff was just making preparations for the touristic season.

The tragedy has shocked not only the local community but the whole Greek society.

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