Friday , July 1 2022
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Greek court sentences Turkish citizen to imprisonment and fine

A Greek court sentenced the Turkish municipality worker to 5 months imprisonment suspended for three years and a fine of 1,5000 euros for illegally crossing into Greece while driving an excavator on Wednesday.

The 38-year-old said he accidentally crossed into Greece when he was trying to install irrigation pipes. The man, a municipality worker at Edirne municipality, said he did not hear the warning by the Greek border soldiers due to the noise of excavator.

Greek authorities have confiscated the excavator.

Procedures to deport the man to Turkey have been launched, he is expected to be deported within 48 hours. However, some local media report that he will appeal the decision.

Apparently the man has a 21-year-old son who told Turkish media “Greeks arrested my father as reprisal for the two Greek soldiers.” He also complained that Greek authorities confiscated his father’s pills for blood pressure and did not allow him to take them.

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