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PPC bill paid at Postal Service? What to do to clear debt, secure 15% discount

Many customers of Greece’s Public Power Corporation (PPC/DEH) found themselves to be debtors to PPC/DEH although they had paid their bills on time. Not only have they missed the 15% discount for payment in time, they also saw their electricity bills charged with interest fees. And some are at risk to have the power supply cut.  All these customers have paid their electricity bills at the counters of  Greek Postal Service ELTA that has reportedly withheld the money, the total amount estimated to be around 20 million euros.

As the problem affect thousands of  DEH customers, the company management has reportedly given order to its local branches to solve the problem, facilitate that customers do not miss the 15% discount and have their debts cleared.

What to do?

Customers will need to seek a nearest PPC branch and go there together with the receipts from the ELTA payments.

PPC employees will need to cross-check the bill payment dates and the payment receipts, clear the debt form the register and also grant the 15% discount.

The discount will appear in the next electricity bills, KTG understands.

Those who do not seek a PPC branch or have lost the payment receipts issued by ELTA, will have to wait until the Postal Service has paid the money to the public electricity company.

Some media note that  the usual procedure is that the ELTA informs the Public Power Corporation about the payments with a delay is about two months.

How to pay the PPC bill

Electricity bills bills can be paid at PPC and banks counters as well as via fixed bank order or e- and phone- banking. Another option is via credit or debit card through the PPC website, www.dei.gr. All you need is the electronic payment number of electricity bill and a payment card.

It should be stressed that ELTA or the banks do not accept expired bills.

Therefore, all customers who paid at ELTA are eligible to 15% discount.

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  1. michele lavender

    The citizens of this country get treated like rubbish,how dare they keep peoples money to pay their own debts and get interest,heads should roll in the post office but they never do,cronies together.