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Shock! Onassis’ ghost haunts the island of Skorpios 43 years after his death

An unexplained mystery occurs in the paradise on Greek earth, the small island of Skorpios: a mysterious and eerie shadow is wandering through the roads leading to the vineyards and  through the rooms of the famous pink villa at night causing shiver to workers and locals. The unearthly silhouette resembles Aristotle Onassis, the legendary Greek shipping magnate who owned the island, a body guard and a local fisherman have claimed.

Does Onassis haunt the island he loved 43 years after his death? Reality or myth? Skorpios has a heavy heritage and is bound to Onassis family that was said to be haunted by a curse. Several metaphysical incidents have reportedly occurred immediately after the island was acquired by the Russian tycoon Dmitry Rybolovlev in 2013.

A member of Rybolovlev security guards has allegedly seen the mysterious shadow already twice.

In his testimony, the man of Asian origin, told Greek tabloid Espresso that one time and while on inspection in the outdoor spaces, he saw an eerie male figure he had never seen on the island before.

The figure was wearing a black suit, was holding a cigar in his hand while the other hand was stuck in his pants pocket. He was walking down the path and the moment the guard approached the shadow disappeared. This happened two years ago, in 2016.

In an another incident, the man said that one night the lights inside the villa were going on and off. “Suddenly I saw lights flickering,” the man said adding that there was nobody in the villa. When an electrician was called he found no problem in the power supply system.

Once the man found out that the mysterious figure resembled Aristotle Onassis, he resigned from the job and left the island never to return.

The security guard was not the only one who had a Greek version of close encounter of third type.

A local fisherman from Nydri on the neighboring island of Lefkada has also testified about his own spooky experience: once he happened to be on the island, he saw a figure dressed in black walking up to the villa.

The fisherman said he thought he was fooled by his own eyes. However, when he heard of the guard’s experience he was convinced that the ghost of Onassis was haunting Skorpios.

“Shock! Onassis’ ghost haunts Skorpios,” was the main story of Espresso tabloid on May 7th 2018.

PS some mean Greeks would assume, the eerie figure his hiding a small transistor or a walkman in his pocket and listens to Maria Callas’a arias when disturbing guards or fishermen are not around.

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  2. Good for Onassis! So he should haunt the island considering the desecration!