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“Let’s smash their shops and cars”: Local New Democracy official calls on “pogroms” against Left-wing

Greece’s politics has reached bottom. A local official from conservative, right-wing New Democracy has called the community of Pangaio to proceed with pogroms against SYRIZA members and supporters in the area. “Let’s smash the shops and the cars belonging to Left-wing,” the member of the Municipality of Pangaio by Kavala, Northern Greece, said in a speech where he lashed out more against SYRIZA policies towards same-sex couples that the Macedonia agreement. during a session at the City Hall last Friday.

“Let’s mark which shops belong to left-wing and smash them. Let’s see which cars belong to left-wing and let’s smash them,” Christos Prionidis said during a session at Pangaio City Hall last Friday.

“We are a step before the civil war and for this SYRIZA is to blame,” he claimed.

Underlining that “what SYRIZA does with the agreement is treason,” Prionidis added that “Virgin Mary and God is with us and not with SYRIZA” because the ruling party passed laws for the benefits of same-sex couples or for allowing the Pride Parade.

In his rant speech at the City Hall session least Friday, Prionidis said “Mr Mayor, we all have to do is to attack […] otherwise they see it as weakness.”

In his speech he used also some expressions … well… some no-no words that have no place here.

As he man is also official at the local branch of New Democracy, now, SYRIZA urges leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis to expel Prionidis from the party and distance himself from his fascist, ultra-nationalist and homophobic statements.”

So far, there has been no reaction by ND.

PS I wonder, how leader Mitsotakis will manage to get rid from the extremists inside his party, because in the last couple of days unbelievable things have been posted on social media.

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  1. The target would be better if it were all EU employees from Brussels.

  2. I get this blog is not right wing, but calling an isolated incident like this “bottom” compared to the days of 17th of November is simply a distortion. The rocket attack in 1992 on the Greek finance minister that killed a student bystander is far worse than this.

    That this member of ND should be expelled is obvious. But don’t paint the entire Greek right wing with the same brush. I guarantee that SYRIZA has its fair share of 17th of November sympathizers to this day.