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Greeks embrace extreme views when it comes to Macedonia deal, survey finds

Majority of Greeks are against early elections, considers the Macedonia Agreement “negative” and are pessimistic about the economy. What is cause of concern in the public opinion survey published on Sunday is that Greeks are eager to embrace extreme views when it comes to the Macedonia Agreement

  • 18% agree with the idea that the army should intervene and arrest the country’s political leadership.  the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister. 42% consider those in favor of deal as “traitors.”

The survey was conducted among 9,800 people, by Kapa Research for Sunday edition of newspaper Ethnos.

Macedonia issue

58% consider the agreement with Skopje “negative” and 30% as “positive.”

18% of respondents agree with the view of now ousted Golden Dawn MP,  Konstantinos  Barbarousis who called to the army to intervene and arrest the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister and the Defense Minister. Barbarousis made the call during a Plenary in the Parliament, where the Plenary was debating a no-confidence vote against the government. The motion was submitted by conservative New Democracy over the Macedonia agreement.

72% of respondents disagree with the call.

45% consider those in favor of the Macedonia Agreement as “traitors”, while 48% do not.

In the issue of early elections for which New Democracy keeps repeating the demand on daily basis 50% of respondents said they do not want “early elections”, while 48% said they want.

Voting intention & political parties

New Democracy 23,3% 

SYRIZA 17,8% 

Golden Dawn  8,7%

Movement for Change (PASOK & Co) 6,9%

KKE 5,7%


Centrists’ Union 2,6%

Greek Solution (Elliniki Lysi) 2.1%

and other small parties

Threshold to enter the Parliament is 3%

Undecided is 13,3% , Abstention at 8,5%

ND leader, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, is considered as “most suitable for Prime Minister” with 31%, Alexis Tsipras with 24%

“None of the two” wins with 42%.

Eurogroup deal, Economy

46% of respondents consider the agreement in the Eurogroup on 21 June on debt and the post-bailout surveillance as “negative.”

32% of respondents consider it as “positive.”

Bailout exit: 37% said it was positive and 36% negative.

Eurogroup debt deal: 47% see it as “negative”, 32% as “positive”

33% of respondents believe that exiting the bailout program should not be credited to any government. 30% believe it should be credited to today’s government, 16% in some of the governments of the previous eight years, while 15% responded “the same to all governments of the past eight years”.

Greek economy: 42% believes the situation will worsen, 30% that the situation will remain the same and 25% that it will improve.

What is most important for Greeks

44% considers as the most important issue the jobs creation.

39% strengthening of social facilities

38% developments with Skopje

35% deal with corruption in public life

26% support of socially weak

20% bailout exit

17% boost of Greek investment

17% insecurity due to crime

14% tension with Turkey

13% facilitate foreign investment

8% violence (Exarxeia, Rouvikonas)

4% none of the above issue.

More survey details here – in Greek.

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  1. When FYROM has for decades advocated maps encompassing Northern Greece as its own down to almost Athens, and claims that its Slavic language is what Alexander wrote and spoke despite no linguistic connection, it’s a challenge to consider anyone condoning this agreement to be treason as being an extremist position. Dardania is, from a historic perspective, the only realistic name that should be accepted by both parties.

  2. ‘extreme’ is something one years the moment anything doesn’t agree with the narrative being sold by the globalist camp.

  3. This is a good solution. North Macedonia is acceptable. Politics is not about what makes sense, or what is reasonable and just. Its mostly about compromise.