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Extrema Athens: App by Athens Municipality offers Survival Guide during heat waves

The City of Athens and the National Observatory is Athens have developed an application for smartphones with the purpose to help residents and tourists to come through the summer heat waves striking the capital of Greece.

The application “Extrema Athens” or “Survival Guide to Athens Heatwaves” that was released on Tuesday, uses meteorological and other data so that the app user is being warned of possible heat stroke.  It also points out at cool spots and centers around the city of Athens including instructions and maps on how to get there. Next Day alerts are also among the features offered by the application as well as practical tips.

All the user needs to do is to download the app from Google Play and App Stores and create a unique profile.

  • Through the mobile app, the user receives a personalized heat stress risk for their current location and recommendations on measures to reduce their risk.

The application allows also the creation of multiple profiles so that the user can protect elderly family members and children.

EXTREMA, the Emergency Notification System for Extreme Temperatures, uses real time condition updates during the ongoing event that could help prevent the consequences.

The tool can spot-out in real time the city areas that suffer most during the ongoing event, indicating thus where the victims are to be expected. EXTREMA uses real-time satellite data, along with other model and city-specific data to estimate the temperature, humidity, and discomfort index for every square kilometer in the city.

Temperature estimates are updated every 5 minutes, providing data at a spatial and temporal resolution that is not available from any other service.

Together with Athens, two other European cities have developed and use the application EXTREMA, Emergency Notification System for Extreme Temperatures: Paris with “EXTREMA Paris” and Rotterdam “EXTREMA Rotterdam”. Other European cities are about to use the app soon.

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