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Attica Fires info: Found injured animals or birds?

Found an injured   bird or wild animal in the fires in East and West Attica? Please, call animal welfare association for Birds and Wild Animals “Anima

Injured or in trouble

Telephone – Mobile: 697 266 4675 for turtles, foxes, hedgehog and others

For horses, donkeys etc, call Greek Society for the Protection of  Horses etc

Phone : 22990 49227 (landline), animals can temporarily be hosted in the Society facilitie sin Markopoulo, Attica.

For animals injured by the fire in general also:

Vet Eirini Kanellopoulou – Pindou 16, Kifissia.

Phone numbers:  210 80 13302 & mobile 698 715 3151 ( 24h via

See also: Donations for injured pets and wildlife in Athens wildfires.


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  1. I would like to help. We are an Austrian NGO with project in different countries. I could do emergency call for donations but need a contact in Greece who we could help.

  2. I am getting requests from dog and cat lovers who want to donate from abroad to legitimate groups helping the animal victims of the fire. Can you suggest a couple of options?