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Erdogan’s chief aide: Greece might leave EU to join Turkey

Amid the havoc and the despair in Greece’s wildfires, a joke comes from Turkey. In all seriousness. Chief aide of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a notorious provocateur,  opened his mouth and started telling fairy tales right from the darkest corridor of the Anatolian bazaar.

From snoozing story teller to hypnotized audience, so to say.

“The West is terrified of a specter that countries seceded from Ottoman Empire might join Turkey again,” aid Yigit Bulut said in an interview with a Turkish television channel on July  28th.

“And that includes Greece, a country that would be better off with Turkey than the European Union,” he added.

Some Greek commented “why don’t we do it the other way around? The Turkish People can become Christians and TURKEY could unite with Greece. Then we’ll have the resurrection of Βyzantium, and Turkey will become a de facto Member of the EU!”

As I’m rushing to bring the ‘great’ message to the Greek people and the government as well as to the European union and the European Central Bank…

… Keep in mind! This is not a Drill! This is said in all seriousness by the man who sits all day next to Erdogan.

Thumbnail picture is old, from another provocative statement by this clown.

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