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Young Brit downs 30 Sambuca shots in 60” in Zakynthos bar (video)

A young British tourist is seen on a video to down 30 shots of sambuca liquor in just 60 seconds. The total amount the young man drank in such a short time is equivalent to 1.5 bottle of the Italian anise-flavored liqueur with 30% alcohol in volume.

20-year-old  Chris McAdam from Swansea, Wales, was reportedly challenged to drink the 30 sambuca shots in a bar in Laganas the Zakynthos resort that is famous for its bars and the alcohol excesses by young tourists.

McAdam was told he would get drinks for free if he did the stunt.

He did it. To save 25 euros he would most probably not spend on drinks if there wans’t the so-called Sambuca Challenge.

In the video Chris McAdam can be seen quickly knocking back glass after glass of the strong liqueur. At one point Mr McAdam stops the drinking challenge and looks as if he could be sick, only to be encouraged by the bar staff to keep going.

Mr McAdam, who works part time in McDonald’s, claimed he was told by bar staff in the Players Sports Bar And Grill in Zante that if he could do the challenge he wouldn’t have to pay the bill.

Mr McAdam told UK media he was was threw up after the ordeal but was used to drinking the strong spirit.

He told The Sun:’I was sick a couple of times after, but I drink Sambuca on my nights back home in Swansea, so it’s a drink I can handle.

‘The barmaid said, ‘If you can do 30 Sambucas in 90 seconds you won’t have to pay the bill’, which was 25 euros. I felt fine afterwards — I’ve felt worse at home on nights out.’

The video has gained criticism after the bar gave 16-stone Mr McAdam ‘lethal quantities of alcohol’ that he could have died from.

Some viewers questioned whether the video was a hoax and the drink was water.

But the bar commented on the video they posted, which has now gained more than 600,000 views, that it ‘is really Sambuca’.

It is not known whether Mr McAdam needed to go to hospital treatment after drinking the lethal amount of alcohol.

The bar’s manager, Silvia, who refused to give her surname, told The Sun: ‘No one has done our challenge with Sambuca before. I kept him for three hours in the bar to make sure he was OK.

‘He’s an adult and can ask for what he wants. We can’t force him to do it.’

“Mr McAdam’s stunt comes months after a pharmacy worker was found dead on the first day of her holiday in Fuerteventura, Spain after accidentally [?] drinking too much alcohol,” notes Daily Mail.

The amount of alcohol consumed by Paula Bishop, 37, was described as ‘fatally toxic’ although she had only [?] drank a few small beers, two glasses of wine and four Irish coffees. This made her around eight-times over the drink driving limit in Spain.

A group of 17 British teenagers claimed that they were rushed to hospital in late July after they drank what they said “toxic alcohol adulterated with methanol” in Zakynthos.

Although the initial claim was posted on social media, it was picked by by UK tabloid news papers and made it a big story, even thought without further research.

Local authorities, health personnel and police dismissed the claim saying there were no records of the group’s hospitalization.

A week later, another group of young British tourists claimed he got poisoned by adulterated alcohol in Laganas bars.

Local authorities have speed up efforts to control the alcohol served in Laganas bars. Beginning of the month and after the 17 teenagers’ claim, police raids found and seized 300 liters of cheap liquor packed in 5-liter canisters. Samples were sent to laboratories.

Locals have long wondered  why the ‘toxic alcohol poisons only British tourists’ and not other nationalities and speak of defamation attempts for the island that attracts millions of tourists every year.

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