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Dijsselbloem: Greece should have been grateful to European aid, kept mouth shut

Greece should have been grateful to European aid and kept its mouth shut, the former chief of Eurogroup Jeroen Dijsselbloem said more or less in an interview on Saturday. He has clearly not recovered yet from the traumatic experience with former Greek finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis. At the same time and after three painful bailout agreements that increased the debt and pushed millions to impoverishment, Dijsselbloem dared saying that  “Greece is obviously not a success story, demands on Greeks were to heavy” and that the Greek “crisis has been so deep, that you can’t call it a success”

Euro zone countries have asked for too much from the Greek people in return for international bailout loans, former Eurogroup chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem said in an interview on Dutch television on Saturday.

“On reforms, we have asked a lot from the Greek people, too much,” Dijsselbloem told current affairs program Nieuwsuur. “Reforms are hard enough to accomplish in a society with a well-functioning government, but this was obviously not the case in Greece.”

“Greece is obviously not a success story,” Dijsselbloem said. “Their crisis has been so deep, that you can’t call it a success.”

At the same time, in the usual North European arrogance, he said that Greece should be grateful for the help it received and keep its mouth shut.

Speaking about former ex finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, Dijsselbloem has obviously not recovered from the traumatic experience in front of the cameras in February 2015 in Athens.

Politics is just a tricky job, you have to compromise, Greece was dependent on help from others, and then to put a big mouth against the people who help you … We set conditions for that. Disagree, but you can not raise a big finger at them,” Dijsselboem said.

Is Dijsselbloem such a political naive to believe that Varoufakis was acting on his own and that Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras did not agree with the negotiation policies in the first half of 2015? Apparently….

Does Dijsselbloem who blindly followed the strict austerity orders by German finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble during 2013-2018, now show some kind of remorse? Hardly.

He is one – yet another one – self-righteous, thin-weight man who found himself in a powerful position and who now has nothing else to do than write a book about his glorious past, when he was at the spotlight of media.

He and his Labor party were defeated big in the Dutch parliamentary elections last year and is set to publish a book on his time as head of the Eurogroup.

The book has the title “The Euro crisis the story from the inside” or else “The Animal Farm of Eurogroup and EU solidarity.”

The man who had nothing to say during his term as Eurogroup chief, suddenly has found his tongue and keeps giving interviews whenever sees a microphone in front of him.

Dijsselboem’s interview with Nieuwsuur  in Dutch

In an interview last week with Greek daily tanea, Dijsselbloem also admitted that mistakes were made by the Europeans in handling the Greek crisis, saying that they initially experimented and it took four years for them to stand on their feet and set up mechanisms to confront the crisis.

He conceded that a different policy should have been implemented in Greece, as the bailout programmes were very strict, and their implementation was very difficult. He noted, however, that Greek politicians made many mistakes before the crisis.

The former Dutch Finance Minister who has zero knowledge about finances and who turned Eurogroup chief thanks to Schaeuble went so far to blame on Germany for its delay in accepting the need for collective European action, with the implementation of bailout programmes in countries that were in danger.

Greek Sunday newspaper Documento has also in interview with Dijsselbloem today.

The former eurogroup chief accuses PASOK and New Democracy saying “intermingling interests were enjoying protection by the previous governments.”

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  1. Instead of calling others “big mouth” Dijsselbloem should look in the mirror where he would see a “no brain”.

  2. Who cares what this little insignificant “man” thinks ?

  3. Dijsselbloem is like the others from the troika, criminals!!
    And when this people say something their nose get bigger and bigger, like Pinokkio.
    The only good solution, for Greece was the solution of Varoufakis.

  4. Excuse me,but as I remember corrupt and incompetent GREEK politicians had brought Greece to bankruptcy,correct?As Greece is a democracy,these politicians were elected by the Greek population,correct?Obviously many of you have “forgotten” these 2 facts.
    AFTER Greece had to borrow money from other countries and got bad conditions-I agree.But usually always the one who GIVES the loan makes the conditions-not the one who wants to borrow…..Correct?
    I think it would be much more useful for Greece if you would check GREEK politians instead of blaming foreign politicians …..All adults are responsible for their own actions….

  5. @Sunny Sandfell

    As if the bankers and politicians wherever you live were correct and honest! The European and American banks are bringing the entire world to bankruptcy. Until you people stop believing in this totally corrupt system of the so-called “western” world nothing is going to improve. Dijsselbloem and Schäuble,et. al. are just dishonest members of the same máfia. Banker is the most useless, pernicious and disgraceful profession on the face of the earth. More power to the Vishegrad 4 to disband the EU (may Greece leave it ASAP) and to Russia and China to wipe out the present banking system. Wake up.

  6. @Sunny Sandfell… There is a nice saying that goes something like this… If you owe a few million to an entity, that’s your problem… If you owe a few hundred billion to an entity, that’s THEIR problem.

    There are also actual laws that say it is the lender’s responsibility to ensure that the borrower can repay it without default. In other words if you lend someone €1000 but he cannot ever pay it back, that’s your problem.

    Doesn’t sound fair, but this is business!

    The only hope for Greece is to break the chains of being debt slaves… Otherwise they will be like the slaves they were sitting the Ottoman empire.

    With all due respect to Greece and Greeks…Tsipras is either the stupidest man on Earth or he’s a con artist. Judging from watching footage of him after those tragic fires of late, it seems like it’s the latter. Either scenario, it’s not good.

    Greece voted OXI(NO) and they got a big YES shoved down their throats. How is that even possible? The Greeks are currently living in the Matrix. There is no viable option to repay their debt. They either have to restructure or default. That’s not a guess… That’s a fact. It’s only a matter of time before there is a complete economic collapse or a revolution. This cannot end well for Greece or their future generations.

    They need to break off out of the EU and print their own money.
    That is their ONLY hope. They need to break away from the American advisors (Goldman) who cooked their books to create this whole tragedy in the first place. They need to break away from the likes of Angela Merkel type of thinking.

    Greeks have sold their soul. Get it back!

    They need some wise, educated well in finance and skilled Greeks from abroad…USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA… In order to fix this. FORGET Greeks from Greece and Europe. They are brainwashed and the same type of Greeks that got them in this mess in the first place.

    They need a nationalist that cares about what is best for Greece… Not some bought and paid for shill that is for the EU or the global elites!

    First attempt, restructure the rent so the people of Greece can breathe and expand their economy. If that fails, then complete default and return to the drachma.
    That sounds harsh, but putting a band-aid on a broken leg is stupid!

    Greeks… Unite yourselves… If not for yourselves, for your children and for their children.

    The math does not work. It’s simple math. Pythagoras is turning in his grave, somewhere.

    Wake up!

    Tsipras is a Judas. He’s either Judas or an imbecile.

    The greatest country and civilization, once. To one of the worst?
    Go back to your Roots!

  7. @ John
    Tsipras and every post-war politician have been well rewarded vassals of the Great Powers. Greece has never been its own ruler since the Great Powers in 1821 – Britain, France and Russia – for opposite reasons – joined up to help Greece achieve “independence”. We almost did achieve independence under our great first governor Capodistrias ,but France had him murdered (a fine reward for his having saved France at the Congress of Vienna.) This is the destiny of small nations – giving the lie to the EU and exactly why the Visigrad group is an important landmark.

    Following 2015’s betrayal of OXI, Greece lost every last shred of sovereignty [not just fiscal and parliamentary but our armed forces too] and today is just a colony of Washington run by EU/NATO administrators. Our Potemkin parliament is an expensive facade whose purpose is to pretend the resident EU apparatchik isn’t giving the orders, retained for optics/appearances sake.

    More than robbing Greece for the sake of bankrupt northern banks, it is clear in retrospect that it was necessary to devastate Greece in order to take control of our territory for NATO’s desired war with Russia and Israel’s projected wars with the Near East. This is orchestrated locally by Ambassador Pyatt [of Maidan Ukraine fame] – and confirmed by the present proliferation of US and Israeli bases here.

    However this situation will not last forever, that is also clear.

  8. Wasn’t Dijsselbloem the guy who dropped out of his MBA program but still put something on his CV that made it look like he had an MBA? This is the guy the technocrats of Europe chose to be the Eurogroup chief… A classic “insider” whose career was nurtured by other insiders and who then started snubbing his nose at the little people.