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Blue Jelly Fish swarms spoil swimming in regions of Greece

Swarms of  blue jelly fish have made their appearance at the shores of Agia in Central Greece in the last few days.

Although these species and not dangerous, their presence causes discomfort to swimmers in the area who avoid to go into the sea, local media report.

Normally the blue jelly fish appear in the are in August, but this year they swam to Agia Municipality in the mid of September.

The blue jelly fish are currently in bays of Toroneos and Thermaikos as well as in some popular touristic areas in Halkidiki peninsula.

According to local media onlarissa, experts point out that neither the blue jelly fish nor the transparent ones pose a major danger for humans.

However, they can cause allergic reaction, a slight skin irritation and tingling and can be effectively treated with ammonia or antihistamines, the website notes.

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  1. Spider webs are not easy to get rid off…The web is very resilient….I have a few here in Thailand …the web can tolerate high winds without any damages..can be poisonous too…and we have big jellyfish here right now….
    Have been stung by box jellyfish too….. very very very painful… Nature is powerful..