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“17. November” convict Savvas Xeros applies for early release

“17. November” convict Savvas Xeros has applied for early release citing high percentage of invalidity. According to his lawyer, Anna Paparousou, Xeros has officially certified disability of 98% “for the rest of his life.”

The convict for terrorism could be released on the provisions of Paraskevopoulos Law of 2015 according to which even convicts to life sentence and indepentantly of the crimes they committed can be released “on health grounds” and a disability above 80%, provided they have served a part of their sentence. Released convicts are under house arrest until the end of the sentence and obliged to wear an electronic monitoring device.

55-year-old Savvas Xeros has reportedly applied for early release also in 2015, however, he refused to wear an electronic device citing “religious reasons.”

Apparently he has changed his point of view and now “he is counting the days to come out of prison,” his lawyer told media.

Xeros was seriously injured when a make-shift bomb exploded in his hands in June 2002. The member of terror organization “17. November” was planning a bomb attack at a shipping company in Piraeus.

He was hospitalized for several months for severe injuries in the eyes, right hand and chest.

His capture and interrogation led police to disclose hide-outs and other members of the organization. 15 members of the organization were tried and convicted, some of them to several times life sentence in 2003.

“17. November” is responsible for the murder of Greek officials and journalists as well as of US, British and Turkish diplomats.

In 2015, when the prospect of Xeros’ release became public, the US State Department protested the early release via a press conference by the then US Ambassador to Athens.

Based on a health review of 2012, Xeros reportedly suffers among others from multiple sclerosis and allergic asthma, has impaired vision and hearing, part of his right hand is amputated following the 2002-injury.

In April 2015, the Greek government assured Washington that it was not an early release but a house arrest.

Savvas Xeros was convicted to 6 times life sentence plus 25 years for participation to 5 murders, robberies, explosions and participation to 17. November. In appeal trial the sentence was decreased to 5 times life sentence.

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