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“Greeks save Macedonia”: Anti-Prespes protest during Oxi Day parade (videos)

Macedonia protests against the Prespes Agreement between Greece and FYROM were part of the official parade held in Thessaloniki to commemorate the Oxi Day, the historic day when Greece rejected the Italian invasion on 28. October 1940.

“GREEKS SAVE MACEDONIA” was read on two placards held by children, when Members of the Pan-Hellenic Macedonia Struggle Fighters Makedonomachoi “Pavlos Melas” marched in front of  the dignitaries.

Other representatives sang “Macedonia Xakousti” – Famous Macedonia – a military march considered the official anthem. The text refers to Alexander the Great.

Students chanted “Macedonia is Greece.”

The anti-Prespes protest was welcome with loud applaud and “Bravos.”

Protesters against the Prespes Agreement had gathered with the aim to intervene in the parade. However, riot police managed to keep them away, just 50 meters of where the impressive event was taking place.

Protesters did not give up and organized their own small parade holding a banner “Macedonia Greek Soil.”

During the students’ parade in Athens, a woman dressed in traditional Macedonian costume and carrying a flag with the Vergina Sun, the symbol of Macedonia, intervened into the parade and started to march in the opposite direction.

In a non-Macedonia protest members of left-wing party Popular Unity opened a banner reading “No home in bankers’ hands.” The party founded by ex SYRIZA minister Panagiotis Lafazanis in summer 2015 in disagreement with the third bailout is known for a series of protests in courts and lawyers’ offices to hinder auctions due to debts.

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