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Elementary school veggies cooperative taxed with €800 for €200 revenues

Tax officials have ordered a primary school cooperative that grows vegetables to shut down after the schoolchildren were unable to pay a tax of 800 euros for last year’s revenues of just 200 euros.  The tax office in Nea Moudania, Halkidiki in Northern Greece, classified the school project as a regular business cooperative, even though the revenues do not come from the vegetables sales but from membership subscription of supporters of the school project.

45 children of the elementary school in Olynthos started the cooperative “Perivoli” in 2017. In they courtyard of the school, they set up two greenhouses and started to grow their own tomatoes, onions, radishes, beets, parsley and carrots.

When the children tried to open a bank account, they were informed that they needed a tax number.

The tax officer issued a tax number for a regular cooperative as there is no special cooperative regime for schools.

Classified as a regular businesses, they were asked to pay a tax of €800 for the revenues of just €200. The tax included the so-called “trade fee” of 650 euros.

As the children were unable to pay the tax, the cooperative stopped working a few days ago.

By the way, if an “entrepreneur” wants to create a new category for a kind of business for which the tax office has not category, the cost is around 30,000 euros.

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  1. At least they learned why there is such a large “black market” in Greece. Unfair tax can only serve to encourage tax avoidance.

    • Exactly! This just shows how stupid and ignorant so-called “economists” are, especially those that work for the government and are mixed up in politics. After all they have to pay off all those loans made by the banksters and what better way to do it than tax school children. They should sell all those vegetables “under the table” and put the money in a safe in the school office! If the government wants to save money maybe they should fire half of the people who work in the tax office.

  2. but why open a bank account (especially when we know the role of Greek banks in the disaster we’ve been living since 2009) when a piggy bank would have been enough?