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Prespes Agreement: Minister submits resignation after receiving life threats

Deputy Minister for Citizens’ Protection, Katerina Papacosta has submitted her resignation to  Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Monday evening, after receiving life threats due to her intention to vote in favor of the Prespes Agreement. Tsipras did not accept the resignation of the former New Democracy politician, expelled from the conservative party last year. Papacosta has been serving as minister in SYRIZA-ANEL government since autumn 2018.

Several politicians who support either the government in its confidence vote or plan to back the Macedonia deal have been massively receiving threat as its ratification in Greek Parliament is imminent.

Some of the threats Papacosta and her family received contained brutal pictures showing smashed heads, media reported.

On Monday night, police arrested a 63-year-old man in Pangrati district of Athens as one of the people who sent threats to politicians. Authorities pressed felony charges against the former Navy officer for attempted violence against the government and its lawmakers. According to media reports, he man said he decided to send the threats after he was a post by a New Democracy official on social media in which he was urging citizens to put pressure on lawmakers planning to support the Prespes Agreement.  The man reportedly expressed nationalistic and extreme-right views during his interrogation, however, he denied that he was organized in any political party.

On Tuesday, police in Grevena and Kozani, Northern Greece, have arrested four people for hanging posters targeting mostly SYRIZA lawmakers. The two men, 46 and 55 years old, in Kozani face charges for traffic violations and illegal posters hanging. the two 44-year-old men in Grevena have been set free with verbal decision by the local prosecutor.

Posters of politicians from SYRIZA, ANEL and To Potami in Thessaloniki: “Will you betray our Macedonia?”

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Similar posters have appeared also in other cities of Northern Greece.

Some SYRIZa lawmaker told state broadcaster ERT TV on Wednesday morning, that the posters are been distributed by a certain organization what receives funding from unknown sources.

Anti-Agreement organizations have scheduled a protest rally in Athens on January 22.

According to latest scenarios, the government might table the Prespes Agreement for voting to the Parliament already before the rally, that is on January 18. This scenario still needs to be confirmed.

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