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One missing, bridge collapse as torrential rains flood Chania and Rethymno (videos)

One person is missing, a historical bridge collapsed and landslides occurred on the national road after torrential rainfalls have been striking the island of Crete since Sunday afternoon.

A breeder is missing after his car was swept away and two women were trapped in their home when rocks fell on it bringing the roof to collapse. Rescue teams from the Fire Service managed to rescue pull the two women out of the rubble.

Crete remain at the focus of the bad weather front striking the island for second consecutive day.

A big Search and Rescue operation was launched on Monday morning, after a 61-year-old breeder from Kournas went missing as he tried to cross a swelling stream of Vatoudiaris river in Chania Prefecture.

According to local media, the man was trying to reach his sheep, when his vehicle was swept away by the rushing waters.

Short after 2 o’ clock noon, search teams spotted the car, however, without the breeder inside. As the search operation continues in Emprosnero, three divers are expected to arrive from Heraklio soon.

In the same area, the Fire Service had to intervene earlier and rescue a driver and a passenger from the car stuck in the waters.

The situation is extremely difficult throughout the Prefecture of Chania, as landslides and rocks have occurred also on the national road.

The driver of a small car lost control apparently due to the rocks on the road, struck at the mountain foot and turned over several times before it landed again on the road in Kako Oros. The driver was slightly injured. It was the second accident on the same road on Monday morning.

Some locals wonder on social media, why that specific part of the national road is still open to traffic.

Authorities repeatedly call on motorists to be cautious at least for the next six hours, as the extreme weather phenomena will keep striking the island and especially its West part.

Video: Struck in waters on Kissamos-Chania old national road? There is always a solution…

Local media report that some houses are being evacuated in Platanias Municipality due to swelling rivers.

It is the second time in less than two weeks that the island of Crete is hit by powerful rainfalls causing severe damages in the infrastructure.

Part of the historical Keritis bridge over Alikianos River, Platanias Municipality, collapsed Monday noon, despite the efforts to strengthen its foundation the previous days. The 111-year-old bridge was closed to traffic due to restoration works and opened again on Sunday afternoon.  At the time of collapse a camera team of Nea Television was live reporting about the bad weather.

As the bad weather front is moving to the East, main roads in the Rethymno Prefecture have been flooded and landslides are blocking traffic to small roads.

Video: Rushing waters in Bali, Mylopotamos Municipality, Rethymnon

A new weather report warns of powerful winds up to 9 Beaufort and strong rainfalls 6 o’ clock Monday afternoon until the dawn on Tuesday.

with local media: neakriti, ekriti, flashnews, zapranews & others

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