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Goat kid swept away by rushing waters in Chania rescued by passerby

In the unprecedented difficult moments people experience in the Prefecture of Chania a touch of hope: a little goat swept in a well by rushing stream waters was rescued by a passerby.

The goat kid was found in the well under mud and debris swept away by the stream in Nea Roumata beginning of the week.

Rescuer Charitos Bobolakis describes in his Facebook post: “covered with mud (with its pals to not have made it) she was waiting for a slow and tantalizing death. She made it….”

Buried under the mud, the kid would have certainly not lived long, if the passerby had not found her. The animal was still in shock when its rescuer brought it to his car.

“Until we got in the car, wherever we heard the rushing waters of a stream or a river, the kid would curl up and look right and left … If you see her in a herd you have to know that her name is Okeanis.,” Bobolakis who also shot the picture posted.

Picture by Haritos Bobolakis

He named the little goat Okeanis, after the barometric low that swept across Chania and Rethymno causing unprecedented damages.

Damages in Nea Roumata.

Unlike, goat kid Okeanis, the rest of the heard was gone in the floods.

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