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Granny rescue after she abandoned crumbling home in Crete village (videos)

Fearing that her house would collapse due to erosion, a granny abandoned her home in a village in Crete and started to walk in the rugged mountainous area, between rocks, boulders, shrubs, mud, landslides and water streams. Her only aid was a crutch and a make-shift wooden stick.

Granny Irene just wanted to reach safety and solid ground under her feet.

The granny was spotted by volunteers in the middle of nowhere as she was walking down the mountain side.

The volunteers were on their way to village Skordalou where they were bringing fresh bread and medical aid.

The village remains isolated from the rest of the world due to landslides and soil erosion after the powerful rainfalls beginning of the week.

3-meter long make-shift bridge to help granny over a stream

Granny Irene had already covered quite some distance when the rescuers found her trapped in a ravine, unable to go neither forwards or back to the village.

She was exhausted when she saw the rescuers and broke in tears.

At times, the area was unaccessable, with a dangerous cliff on the one side of the narrow path.

The Hellas Lifeguards helped the granny to the main road.

“Literally step by step, meter by meter, in a long and laborious effort we managed to take Grandma Irene up to the main road,” the rescue team writes on their Facebook page.

And everybody is wondering what would have happened with Granny Irene in this wild, waste landscape and the cold, unwelcoming mountain, hadn’t the rescuers found her.

Almost a week after the devastating rainfalls on the island of Crete, more than 20 villages on the mountains remain isolated from the outside world, with power and water supply problems and basic needs that need to be covered.

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