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32 detained for raising controversial oversized cross on Lesvos

Authorities on the island of Lesvos detained 32 people n Sunday morning for raising an oversized cross in Apeli area. It is the second time since last summer that this group raised the cross with the aim to provoke hate and scare off refugees from swimming to Apeli after abandoning the boats bringing them from Turkey.

The group had announced the action scheduled for Sunday dawn via social media with the result that they all ended in the police station and were taken to the prosecutor.

According to local media, the group has raised the cross last September in the same area with the aim to scare off migrants and refugees arriving by boat from the Turkish shores.

“When they saw that there were the expected reactions, they broke down the cross in order to provoke hate [against Muslims] in the community,” state broadcaster ERT reports.

Sunday afternoon, authorities filed against the 32 people with the charges of “arbitrary occupation of public property, arbitrary construction and disobedience.”

They were released after the prosecutor set the date for their trial.

It is worth noting that the Archaeological Council and the local authorities had rejected a request by citizen filed a few months ago to construct and place an oversized cross.

Prior to the previous attempt of last summer, there was only one small cross construction in the area and thus in memory of a man who died in a traffic accident. The little monument and its cross were never harmed by anyone.

The cross, a symbol for love, has divided the local community of Lesvos that has seen an influx of refugees and migrants in the last three years and it has been exploited by those who want to spread hate for their own political gains.

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  1. There is no hope for the EU. More power to Orbán, Kurz, Salvini, Farage…….

  2. Really? The Tsipras govt sees a cross as a symbol of hate? And you and Tsipras think muslims regard Jesus as a symbol of hate and not as a great prophet that they venerate? Why then do muslims have sacred statues of Mary & Jesus next to their mosques? You (and Tsipras) are claiming that muslims would rather sink and drown rather than swim towards the safety of this great prophet? Meanwhile the present migrants in Lesvos are mostly Christian Africans. Sorry, but this is below your usual standard, KTG.

    It is the Washington-led EU Commission that is so eager to turn the EU into a secular wasteland, not muslims. It is the EU Commission that wants crosses and icons and religious teaching banned from schools and all public places in Greece and Europe. (Tell that to the Greek Armed Forces…!!). It is the EU that had 10,000 priests kicked off Greece’s public payroll so that 10,000 teachers [supposedly!] can be hired in their place to teach the EU / SYRIZA “revised” re-written no doubt secular history to Greek youth. And it is Geoff Pyatt, the American Ambassador, architect of the Ukraine coup, who goes to Mount Athos to threaten the monks against Russian priests and politicians visiting – despite the Russian Orthodox monasteries there.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      Me and Tsipras? lol I’m afraid you missed the point where it is quoted by local media.