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Athens downtown turns into battlefield for the sake of a Hollywood film

Greeks were surprised to see clashes between protesters and riot police forces on Sunday morning. Garbage bins were set on fire and tear gas was fired when angry protesters armed with sticks attacked a group of police forces.

What was odd, though, was that the clashes took place in an area of Syntagma square isolated with iron fences.

Was it a small scale clash for some unknown reason? No. It was the shooting for the Hollywood production film “Born to be murdered” that includes also scenes of the modern Greek bailout agreement history.

Photo-reporters were allegedly not allowed to shot pictures or film scenes from the shooting.

But this did not bother Greeks…

The shooting started at 7 a.m. and concludes at 6 p.m. Sunday, while a second shooting will take place 6:am-6:pm on Monday, March 11.

During the shooting hours, main avenues around Syntagma Square are closed to traffic and this on a bright, sunny, warm, spring day with many families driving through the city to be stuck in traffic jams for hours.

Meanwhile, on social media, some Greeks wonder “Who pays for a fake clash between protesters and police?” the answer is: “Hollywood!”

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