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UPD Athens International Airport on hijack alert after warning phone call

Athens International Airport Elefterios Venizelos in Athens was set on high alert Friday afternoon, after an unknown caller claimed that there would be a hijack on one of the airplanes arriving from London today.

The call was made at one of the commercial stores of the airport, around 3 o clock in the afternoon, state broadcaster reported. According to ERT TV, the caller said he had “information of plans to hijack a plane coming from London today.”

Passengers of Aegean Flight A3607 that arrived from London Gatwick airport short time after the call, were stunned to see the plane surrounded by police patrols and vehicles of the Fire Service, media report.

The plane was reportedly led to an isolated part of the airport and passengers were aloud to disembark in small groups. The underwent some security checks and were allowed to leave the airport.

Apart from the Aegean plane, two more airplanes coming from London landed in Eleftherios Venizelos after the call, they were all diverted to isolated parts and passengers underwent the same controls.

There are no delays at the time of flights arrivals, however, due to the security measures the situation is kind of trouble for the passengers.

At 7 o’ clock local time on Friday evening, security measures remain high.

UPDATE: Late on Friday evening, Greek Police called the emergency situation off.

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