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Greece, creditors could not reach a deal on “primary residence protection”

The EuroWorking Group meeting on Monday ended without Greece and creditors to have reached an agreement on the protection of debtor’s primary residence.

Without the deal, the disbursement of almost one billion euros was therefore not approved.

Athens had announced last week to submit the bill of the residence protection as a unilateral action and ignoring creditors’ dictates. However, the bill to succeed the Katseli Law was not submitted on Friday.

Eurozone sources told media that talks between Greek authorities and eurozone representatives continue and that there will be most likely a positive outcome at the Eurogroup on April 5.

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One comment

  1. The Greek average and poor people must be protected from evictions:

    the financiation of public social housing schemes shall be taken out of the European debt break
    this means that in Greece e auctions for houses of poor an average earning people cant be forced
    on to the people, as it would make them homeless ! The law to protect peoples homes must be
    accepted by EU without pressuring the governement!