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PM Tsipras proposes Brexit extension until March 2020, sees option to reverse process

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras favors extension of Brexit process until March 2020 and he even hopes that Brexit could be reversed.

European leaders have to decide on the issue of Brexit by taking into account their historical and political responsibility, Tsipras told European leaders at the Extraordinary Summit on Wednesday.

He pointed out that the European Union has always been in favor of finding a common place through consensus and flexibility.

He also referred to the need to de-dramatize the Brexit adding that the deadline of May 26 is pressing.

“If the U.K. Parliament doesn’t approve the withdrawal agreement in the next six weeks, it will be forced to hold European elections,” Tsipras said according to state news agency amna and bloomberg.

““This will be the greatest defeat of Brexiteers, and maybe even the beginning of the end for Brexit,” the Greek Prime Minister stressed.

Tsiprasn raised the rhetorical question of what the European Union’s goal is: to reinforce or rule out this possibility.

Tsipras argued that it cannot be forgotten that the United Kingdom is the only country in Europe where there is such a massive movement in favor of the EU, with six million signatures and thousands of citizens demonstrating, while in many member states there are only movements against the EU.

PS At the end of the day, I wasn’t totally wrong to propose as Brexit day the 30. February 2020 in this poll.

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  1. well, he would know all about totally ignoring a referendum in order to serve his globalist masters, wouldnt he?

  2. Καλησπέρα KTG, I don’t know if you follow any UK twitter accounts, but the pressure for a second referendum or revoking Article 50 is mounting….. The 2016 referendum was definitely “manipulated” by dark money, and in a court case Teresa May’s barrister admitted the result was “unsafe” (ie illegal). Milllions of people in the UK are fighting to remain in Europe!

    • keeptalkinggreece

      I follow, I know. thank you.

    • Those millions are the brainwashed, uninformed idiots willing to go down with the Titanic. It is incredible how many cowards there are in the so-called “West”. The sun has truly set on half of the British population. Must feel sorry for them The Greek people have stayed in the EU and kept the Euro, and what has it gotten them in the last 4 years? An extended term of economic slavery, maybe?

      • Xenos_sthn_Ellada

        Analysis of voters supporting Brexit shows very clearly that they were predominantly old (mostly retired) and with lower levels of education than average. Quite how anyone could think that it was uninformed/brainwashed people who opposed Brexit is beyond rational comprehension. Moreover, the crooks who financed the Leave campaign are either outside the UK (Russia, USA, Isle of Man) or since the referendum have moved their BILLIONS elsewhere. That should tell you something.

        As far as the retired Brits in Spain and elsewhere who voted for Brexit (about 10% of expatriates) are concerned, they are now bleating about (i) their lost free healthcare rights; and (ii) the removal of index-linked pension payments outside of the EU regime. Of course, as non-working people waiting to die they are not bothered by the removal of free movement and residence rights (to other EU countries), which is a major problem for those of us working and moving across the EU.

        Finally, the situation of Greece in the eurozone has nothing to do with it. This is just sentimental nonsense.

  3. …..and millions more are fighting to leave the corrupt, undemocratic EU.
    Incidentally we will remain in Europe whatever happens, it’s the EU we want to leave!!