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The “Partridges” of Kozani: The amazing embroidered Easter Eggs (pictures)

They call them πέρδικες, Easter “Partridges.” They are are amazing Easter eggs, embroidered eggs, unique pieces of art the women in Grevena and Kozani prepare each and every Easter.

The traditional technique uses bee wax, threads and dyes.

The eggs are painted with melted bee wax and then died red.

A conch is used to bring the melted bee wax on the egg. The conch is a makeshift tool made of a thin vine branch or a small piece of wood.

A small metal funnel made of copper or aluminum is attacked and the wax flows through a hole to the egg surface.

The women use patterns inspired by nature: flowers, leaves, birds but also geometric shapes that symmetrically decorate the eggs.

In another method, they use colored threads, -as the multicolored wings of the Partridge -.

They cut the threads into small pieces, mix the yarn well, soak the eggs into the threads that stick on the egg surface.

According to a local website, they place the egg into a piece of aluminum foil and boil the eggs for some 20 minutes. When the eggs are cooled, they remove the threads and the patterns remain. They polish the eggs with oil for a shiny appearance.

In both methods, every woman gives her own personal touch and colors the eggs with passion and wishes.


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