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Soprano Veronica Antonelli sings “To Tango tis Nefelis” in Greek (video)

Veronica Antonelli is an Italian-French soprano with strong bonda to Greece and its culture. She recently recorded the famous Greek song “to Tango tis Nefelis” -Nefeli’s Tango- and asked us to post her what we think her excellent performance.

She wrote in an accompanied message:

Love led me to Athens, twenty-five years ago, where I studied lyrical singing into the prestigious National Conservatory of Maria Callas. I felt in love not only with my handsome Greekman but with Greek culture, Greek history, Greek music, Greek dances, Greek spirit, Greek food…

I learned how to speak and write Greek into a famous American school, ready to be a perfect Greek wife, but as a matter of fact, my career took me away from Greece however I didn’t forget this language and culture.

Music has no frontier and Greek songs can enter into your soul indelibly. I am a international opera singer and my concept certified UNESCO “Enchanted Monuments” consists in valorizing our heritage thanx to my a capella voice, transmitting operatic art to everybody.

Singing is a real passion. In Paris, I have strong links with the Greek community and I am invited to sing in tribute to wonderful singers like Nana Mouskouri, Irini Pappas “Odes”, Melina Mercouri who sing with their heart towards our heart.

Thanks to my friend Aria Terzaki who is found of music, I work on project to record with one of her friends Nikos Kortsidakis and his team an innovant Greek album singing with my lyrical voice greek hits to share with French people the beauty of this enthusiastic and full of hope art of living.


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