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Tsipras lashes out at “Anti-Greek” EU Presidency candidate Weber

“Every vote for New Democracy is a vote for anti-Greek Weber,” Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said on Thursday targeting the EPP’s arch-conservative candidate for the European Commission Presidency, German Manfred Weber.

Reason for Tsipras’ attack on Weber was the comment by the latter on the relief measures announced by the Greek Prime Minister on Tuesday evening.

On Thursday, Alexis Tsipras said tweeted:

“Yesterday, Weber who is supported by New Democracy lashed out at the positive measures we announced. The Greek people should know: ND will either downvote the measures or withdraw its support to anti-Greek Weber […].

At the entrance of the EU COuncil meeting earlier today, Tsipras said:
“We need a president who will support the fundamental ideas and principles of the European Union, namely a president who will promote solidarity, democracy and social cohesion. We need a president who will be opposed to neoliberalism and the xenophobic approach of the extreme right to the migrant. This chairman can not be Manfred Weber.”

The Bavarian politician did not respond to the challenge. He is busy in promoting himself…

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