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FinMin Tsakalotos: Regling speaks “nonsense”, if he were my student….

Klaus Regling is speaking “nonsense” said Greek Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos adding that if the head of the European Stability Mechanism were his student, he would be flunked.

In an interview with Open TV on Thursday, Tsakalotos referred among others to Regling’s claim that the time when Yanis Varoufakis was Finance Minister he burdened Greece with 100 billion euros.

Regling is the man who used a methodology to pull out a number and hit the government, it is “not worth to discuss it,” the Finance Minister said.

“If he was my student I would not let him pass the exams,” Tsakalotos said adding that Regling’s claims make him sad as academic.

As for Varoufakis responsibilities, he said that “a government acts collectively.”

“The only thing to be sure of is that Greece lost 24% of GDP during 2010-2015,” Tsakalotos said. “The two parties that ruled for 35 years led us to bankruptcy.”

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