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Unemployment in Greece rises to 19.2% in first quarter of 2019

Greek unemployment rate fell to 19.2 pct of the workforce in the first quarter of 2019, from 21.2 pct in the same period last year, but rose from 18.7 pct in the fourth quarter of 2018, Hellenic Statistical Authority said in a report released on Thursday.

The statistics service said that the number of unemployed people totaled 907,061 in the January-March period, up 3.0 pct from the previous quarter, but down 9.4 pct compared with the corresponding period in 2018. A total of 590,000 were long-term unemployed.

The biggest part of unemployed people (23.1 pct) worked in the hotel and restaurant sector, while a 31.8 pct of unemployed worked in the services sector.

The percentage of unemployed people that have not worked again in the past was 19.1 pct.

The majority of unemployed people (64.9 pct) is seeking job for more than 12 months, while a 92 pct of unemployed is seeking full-time jobs.

The highest unemployment rates are recorded among women 24% and young people aged 15-19 at 50.2%.

Among the country’s regions, Western Macedonia, Southern Aegean and Western Greece recorded the highest unemployment rates.

The number of employed people totaled 3,814,005 in the first quarter, down 0.5 pct from the previous quarter, but up 2.4 pct compared with the same period in 2018.

A 45.2 pct of employed people said it worked 40-47 hours per week, while 24 pct said they worked more than 48 hours. A 2.0 pct of workers said they worked a second job. A 67 pct of workers are wage earners while a 22 pct are self-employed.

Part-time employment rate was 9.2 pct, while a 6.8 pct of workers have a temporary job.

of the unemployed, 18.3% are Greeks and 32.2% have foreign citizenship.

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