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Puppy on serum fluids thrown alive in garbage bin in Rethymno, Crete

What monster can do such a thing? A puppy with intravenous serum still on her leg was thrown alive in a garbage bin like a piece of trash. The sick puppy was put in a paper sack, together with the saline bottle.

The female puppy was found by a passerby in Priskosoridi street in Rethymno on the island of Crete on July 1.

Local animal welfare society NOIAZOMAI took the little dog in its care and to a veterinarian clinic to receive the medical care it needed.

In posts on its Facebook Page, NOIAZOMAI appealed to public whether they recognize the dog, so that they can file a lawsuit.

The appeal was apparently successful, as the animal welfare announced three days later that it had filed against the cruel animal abuser.


On July 3rd, the animal welfare posted that the puppy was still in critical condition.

Video: Sick, sad and in shock cannot understand the cruelty of this world.

sources:, NOIAZOMAI

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  1. Xenos_sthn_A8hna

    Viciously inhuman behaviour is on the increase. Even in the UK — traditionally a place where people respect and love animals — we can observe such horrific behaviour to animals and also to human beings. It is crucial that the police and justice system track offenders and punish them — preferably with imprisonment, not these pathetic fines and suspended sentences that the useless Greek courts hand out. We cannot tolerate the human scum that have no respect for others, including defenceless animals that rely on us for their survival.

  2. In this area people often find puppies or kittens in the rubbish bins. For the locals, very relicious and christian, that seems to be “normal” to throw away the life of an animal. This is big disaster on this island.
    This is the reality behind tourism

  3. Alison O'Brien

    A lot of visitors go to Greece because of sun, sand blue seas, the kindly Greek people and the cats and dogs that make a visit tender. If this cruelty carries on tourism will go down the pan. Global warming is bad enough for tourism but if the Greek people are seen as cruel, bad press!