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Golden Dawn is falling apart: MEP, ex MPs, officials leave party

The neo-nazi party Golden Dawn is falling apart just a week after it did not manage to pass the 3% threshold and enter the Greek Parliament. A member of the European Parliament, former MPs and other high-ranking official are leaving the party.

MEP Giannis Lagos told media on Saturday that he is leaving Golden Dawn and is going as independent MEP. He also announced that two former members of the Greek parliament, Giorgos Germenis and Nikos Kouzoulos, as well as 12 other party officials are going to follow him.

Speaking to Greek media, Lagos said that he is leaving Golden Dawn “not because there is some hatred or something against the party leadership but because I think we are doing wrong political moves with which I do not agree with.”

Among others he claimed that the GD “was not, or is going to be a criminal organization. We have always been people talking about our homeland and nation.”

Lagos is one of the defendants at the trial against GD and is summoned to testify next Tuesday.

he was elected with 130,00 votes.

With Lagos’ departure, GD representation in European Parliament is reduced to one seat from two won May elections.

Now the party leadership demands that Lagos returns the MEP seat to the party.

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