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Why Earthquake? “We have a jinxed Prime Minister” say Greeks

A Greek shop owner gave live on TV his own explanation about the cause of strong earthquake that stroke Athens with 5.3R Friday noon. “We have a jinxed Prime Minister,” the man said during a live stream with private ANT1 TV.

The shop owner in Liosia suburb of West Athens, near the earthquake epicenter, was talking about the material damage the tremor caused in his liquor selling shop. “Big damage, but we had to wait for such things, we have a jinxed prime minister.”

The stunned reporter commented “this approach is not serious” and the live streaming was cut a few seconds later.

Whereby, it should be noted that the man was not the only Greek who thought so.

At the same time, it should be noted that Greek may be unfair to Kyriakos Mitsotakis. Then it was his father, Konstantinos Mitsotakis, that had the fame of being “jinxed.”

“Did old Mitsotakis bringt the Soviet Union to collapse after he visited Gorbachev?”

Some wonder whether being jinxed is an issue of heritage.

“After 13 days in power do you also make thoughts whether there is such a thing as hereditary hoodoo? Let’s hope he won’t demolish the country so that he can rebuild it.”

Commentators on social media under hashtag ##Μητσοτακης, stress that less than two weeks that Mitsotakis is in power and a series of natural disasters have stroke Greece: deadly tornado in Halkidiki, forest fires in Evia, floods in West Greece, heatwave and a cold July.

“We didn’t elect prime minister, but the Pharaoh and his seven plagues.”

What’s next?

“[…]the volcano in Santorini is at high speed.”

“After 6 months with Mitsotakis.”

However, many seem to agree that the next natural disaster will be the locusts. Others give it a chance, saying that he has still four years ahead before he finishes us.

“Those who keep record of Mitsotakis bad luck, do you know how ofter it strikes and if it has a day off?”

A friend from another Greek city who called me earlier to ask if we were Ok, after I replied affirmative, she warned me “Mitsotakis [the father] has a grandson who wants to be prime minister too!”

“Ultimately we produce more Mitsotakis than nature can afford.”

Just when I was thinking , we Greeks might be unique in our superstition, a friend was telling me that Argentinians had also a jinxed politician: Carlos Menem, President 1989-1999.

“Argentinians would not even say his name and when they accidentally did, they would shake a key to keep away the bad luck,” my friend said.

We, Greeks, haven’t found yet the talisman to protect us…. 😛

Thumbnail picture: I have no idea where it is taken, but has gone viral on for obvious reasons

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