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Health Ministry: Heavy fines of up to €3,000 for smoking drivers

A fine of 1,500 euros and withdrawal of license for one month are threatening bus and taxi drivers as well as public drivers if they’re caught smoking, the Greek Health Ministry said in a circular. Fines will be much higher, in fact will double to 3,000 euros, if a child below 12 years old is in the vehicle.

The new Greek government is determined to implement the troubled anti-smoking laws that have been legislated two times in the last 10 years but never fully implemented.

According to the circular, smoking is prohibited at airports (with the exception of areas specially designated for smokers), at transport stations and at port stations.

It will also be prohibited in all forms of public transport, including public passenger cars, taxis and in all types of public and private cars when minors under 12 years of age are present.

For an infringement of the ban on cars when minors are under 12 years old, an administrative fine of € 1,500 will be imposed on the smoking driver or the passenger. The fine is doubled to €3,000 if the smoker drives a public car.

It should be noted that drivers who violate the rules will have their driving license removed for one month for each infringement, independently of whether the smoker was the driver or a passenger.

Electronic cigarettes and all types of herbal smoking products are not excluded form the smoking ban inside all public places.

Control checks will be carried out by police on the streets of the country in order to establish the infringement and enforcement of the above administrative penalties.

PS herbal smoking products? Something like marijuana or hashish?

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