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Prespes Agreement “harmful, yes, but traitorous…” says Greek FM

Greek Foreign Minister, Nikos Denias, has stressed the New Democracy government commitment to implement the Prespes Agreement pointing out that it is harmful’ but not traitorous, as ND used to claim when it was in the opposition.

“In any case, at this time talking about betrayal, I don’t think it is right, ” Dendias said on Monday during an interview with Real FM.

He said that he disagreed with the signed and legally approved Agreement. He stressed that he would change two articles of the Agreement regarding the ethnicity and the language.

“I would even add the possibility of a private legal entity to use the title Macedonian without me being able to stop it. Those three things I wish I could have changed. But they are there now. What can I do? ” the Foreign Minister admitted.

“What we can do as a country is within the framework of Northern Macedonia’s European course, to persuade the other side that these things must be used in a specific way only. For example, it is perfectly acceptable, on the other hand, that the title of the citizen of each country is a citizen of Northern Macedonia. But this is a process of implementation that goes through its European neighbor’s perspective. We will try, but if I tell you that I can totally change the agreement, or even change these two articles altogether, I will not tell you the truth, it has been signed and ratified, it is not possible. ”

“Harmful, yes, but traitorous …” Dendias responded to journalists remark that New Democracy government did not overturn the deal with Skopje, a deal they had described as “traitorous.”

“I am not going to give the title of traitor to anyone. With exceptions, to be honest. But in any case at this juncture talking about betrayal, I don’t think that’s right. […] Dendias added.

It should be recalled that during its pre-elections campaign, New Democracy had said that it would overturn the Prespes Agreement with the Republic of North-Macedonia.

Full Dendias’ interview here in Greek.

PS But could Mitsotakis go against his ally Germany and Chancellor Angela Merkel, a fierce supporter of the Agreement? It was not only SYRIZA to blame for volte-face. Maybe Greek politicians train somersault in circus in the very beginning of their career. Or they just get pragmatic when they claim important posts. Or both. Main thing, the voters have gold-fish memory….

Kudos for Dendias for telling Real journalists, he wishes he could still do somersaults, as he has lost his spine flexibility long ago….

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