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Turkey claims Mykonos, Paros and Naxos in the Central Aegean Sea

Turkey continues its provocations and claims and this time has eyed some of the Cyclades islands in the central Aegean Sea. Mykonos, Paros and Naxos are among the islands Ankara would like to name hers according to its plan “Blue Homeland.”

Umit Yalim, former Secretary of the Turkish Defense Ministry described the map in front of which President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was recently photograph as “very modest.”

The map presented by the Turkish Naval Academy expanded the maritime borders of Turkey in the Aegean to an area that included the islands of Lesvos, Chios, the Dodecanese and the very east of the Cyclades.

Apparently this was not enough for hungry Ankara that wants more.

In an article on Turkish nationalist newspaper Sözcü, Yalim writes that the border of Blue Homesland should be placed West of the 24. Meridian. The area Yalim has in mind includes a large part of the Aegean Sea as well as the islands of the East Cyclades Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, Amorgos…

Yalim claims further that the map presented on August 31 in the presence of Erdogan reached up to the 25°, while “according to the map published by the Turkish General Staff in 1974, the Turkish continental shelf has a longitude of 24° East.”  ”

“If the Blue Sea borders are implemented, Turkey will lose significant “rights” to the Aegean, which, according to his calculations, these are 550,000 square kilometers at sea and 1.3 million square kilometers in the air space,” Yalim argued.

Umit Yalim is one of the Turkish hawks that claimed “Greece had occupied 18 Turkish islands in the Aegean Sea.” This one claim had become almost state policy in neighboring country.

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  1. I love Greece, but dislike the lazy people living in Greece. Most are good, but many suck.
    I’d fight for Greece and MF as many Turks as I can with pleasure.

    • I dislike lazy people everywhere and having lived in more than one country in my time I’m quite certain that there are no more lazy people in Greece than there are anywhere else. In addition, those who say they want to fight and who think it will be a pleasure are best avoided, because their judgement is seriously suspect.

    • have you thought about the decades long effort to completely gut the culture, the identity, and coherent society, the historical awareness, and the self respect of not just greeks but generally peoples in the west? This kind of self-hatdred did not just arise out of nowhere on its own. It was invented somewhere and pushed, slowly and subtly, through many channels but especially through the public education system, through the mass media, and in recent years having gained momentum, through the courts, to prevent people from retaining or reasserting their national identity (but enforcing manufactured and arbitrary ‘identity’ which can be changed on a whim) and along with it all their history and culture. Who has this benefited? Has it helped politicians and mega-corporations gain greater control over people? Has it helped push people into increasing dependence, both economic and psychological, making them all the less likely to resist any kind of rotten, corrupt arrangement pushed onto them?
      Of course gutting ones own population to exploit them more easily is a profitable strategy, for a while – at some point though the host organism is so weakened and confused that it no longer has any resistance to disease or attack, and dies. Those in high places of power who caused this, over many decades, are destroying a whole civilization for shortsighted gain, guilty of a horrible crime, but i doubt they will ever be brought to account for it.

  2. The advert for “turkish destnations” has no place in ‘Talking Greece’. It is quite infuriating to see it.

  3. I am a greek american and say that none of those islands belong to turkey and if they try to take them I think trump should step in and say no way or you will face serious consequences. Greece will not look the other way and they will go to war with turkey. They should get the hell out of Cyprus also.

    • Greece wouldn’t last 48 hours in a war with Turkey. Lazy loud mouth Mofo’s.

      • There isn’t going to be any war between Greece and Turkey. Erdogan is losing support at home and like all dictators he’s trying to shore up his support by threatening foreign wars. That’s all this is.

        I’ll volunteer to mop up all the blood shed in any Greek-Turkey war with a pocket handkerchief….

  4. You sound educated in the matter, are you a Greek yourself?

  5. While this is absolutely outrageous in principle, the audacity with which Turkey claims even waters SOUTH OF and completely surrounding Cyprus (except for a narrow corridor) is beyond words.

  6. …it is the Treaty of Lausanne, that Erdogan has “tossed out a window”. This is clear with the map that is behind him in the photograph, and his actions in Syria, against Kurds.

    …Europe and the Western world cannot avoid preparing for War, if they wish to negotiate.

  7. In my opinion Turkey has always have been the aggressor when Turkey invaded Smyrna in 1922.Turkey massacred over a million people including Greeks,Arminian Ponti,and different ethnicities. The other countries did not do anything to Turkey for their massacres. And now Turkey is flying on Greek airspace in the Aegean Sea, that’s a violation of Greece’s airspace.
    Look at what Turkey is doing to the Kurds in northern Syria, they invaded the land and killed so many Kurds with the help of President Donald Trump giving the green light for invasion. If Greece’s airspace is been invaded so many times then Greece needs to take some action to protect itself because the allies don’t do anything..
    Also don’t forget the journalist that was killed by the Saudis Embassy in Turkey and what happened to the investigation.