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Erdogan claims to extend Turkey’s borders across half of the Aegean Sea

Turkey believes that half of the Aegean Sea as well as the east part of the east coast of the island of Crete belongs to the neo-ottoman hordes of Erdogan whose target is a so-called “Blue Motherland.”

The Turkish President dared to appear with the map of Turkey’s wet dreams on his back while he was signing the visitors’ book at the National Defense University, the Military Academy in Istanbul that was renamed into University after the failed coup in July 2016.

The map behind him showed Turkey’s maritime borders extended deep in the Aegean Sea stretching across the islands of the eastern and south-eastern Aegean including islands in the Dodecanese and even the Cyclades.

The map is entitled “Turkey Blue Motherland.”

The map indicates that some 460,000 square kilometers belong to Turkey.

The picture was taken on Sunday during celebrations of Turkey’s victory against the Greek Army that ended in the Asia Minor catastrophe, the burning of Izmir, hundred thousands of dead and over one million of refugees.

In statements during the celebrations, Erdogan said among others that Turkey would never allow the violation of the rights of Turks and Turkish Cypriots.

But the violations of Greek borders is OK?

PS Thank Goodness Ankara does not claim our iconic Santorini and Mykonos, and my favorite Paros and Antiparos…. *irony*

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  1. Are you implying that because “Ankara does not claim our iconic Santorini and Mykonos, and my favorite Paros and Antiparos….” it’s OK if it claims the rest? Shame on you for pretending that you are Greek! if you didn’t mean it then withdraw the statement.

    • Turkey is back from its 100 year nap. The lion has woken. We will soon be praying 5 times in Ayia Sophia mosque. We will find gas in Cyprus and sell it to the Greeks. The Greeks can hide behind the EU, NATO and Israel. We can handle all of you at the same time. So bring it on. The Turks ruled Greece and Cyprus for 400 years. The Greeks should do DNA test to see how Greek they are not. Maybe he is more Turkish than he thinks.

      • hold your horse, Turkish cowboy. DNA tests on Turks has many times proven, that only 2% of population is Turkish, while the remaining 98% are Greeks – and crypto-Christians.

      • Ottoman is in the history’s garbage as well as your dated ideaology. Happy to not to see you as a member of EU…

      • I from Lesvos had the dna test and guess what no Turkish. So now I will not commit suicide because I don’t have the blood of 1 m Armenians, 400,000 Greeks and 100,000 Assyrians on my hands. Turks are really good at slaughtering unarmed people. You invented genocide.

      • Go back to the stepp of Central Asia, it where you belong… This is the answer at the level of your argument.

    • oh, dear diaspora Greek, we are more Greeks than you think. We dare to live in the country you try to tell what to do from many thousand miles abroad.

  2. This comment is a “little” insulting.

  3. What this really shows is how disconnected from reality, and how desperate, Erdogan has become. He feels his power waning at home and opposition to him growing stronger, so he does what all despots do – he threatens a foreign war, desperately hoping that this will unite his deeply divided country behind him. I don’t believe that most Turkish people are that stupid, they know well, even if Erdogan doesn’t, that this is the 21st century not the 19th.

  4. muskata u and the rest of the antichrists will suffer great anguish and turmoil for eternity!

  5. The only Turkish person that worth was Mustafa Kemal, and was educated in thessaloniki… and couldn’t make his dream come true: an western educated country…