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Shelf Cloud: Spectacular phenomenon before the storm in Athens

A spectacular phenomenon appeared in the sky over Greek capital Athens, short before the storm on Thursday afternoon. A so-called “Shelf Cloud” swallowed the Greek capital a few moments before the storm broke out.

According to the meteo service of the National Observatory in Athens, a shelf cloud is at the edges of a thunderstorm and precedes a strong thunderstorm or a line of strong thunderstorms.

Its presence is accompanied by stormy winds, a strong thunderstorm occurs.

The impressive cloud became visible in several areas of Athens.

Kiki Filoxenidi and Athens Filippos Kalpodinos captured the spectacular phenomenon with their cameras in Palaio Faliro in South Athens and in Athens respectively. via meteo.gr

Others snapped the rare phenomenon and posted their pictures on social media.

The following video shows the evolution of the storm in Athens on October 3, 2019 from the weather camera installed at the NCA’s Penteli facility.

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