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Refugee toddler drowns outside camp in West Peloponnese

A refugee toddler was found to have drowned in the sea outside the refugee camp at LM Village in Myrisini of the municipality Andravida-Kyllini on Sunday. Sharma, the child of a Syrian refugee family, was 2.5 years old.

The body of the child was found to be floating in the sea at 1 o’clock Sunday noon.

The boy was immediately transferred with an ambulance to the nearest health center in Gastouni. But doctors could only confirm his death.

Toddler Sharma had apparently escaped his parents’ attention and he was found dead shortly afterwards.

Due to another incident in the camp the ambulance happened to be there for the Syrian boy.

According to a press release issued by the Greek Ministry for Public Order, “the toddler escaped his parents’ attention, left the accommodation center through the fence and walked to the adjoined beach where he was found drowned after a while.”

Local media report that Shama, his parents and his brother were about to leave Greece for another European country in the following days, as all procedures for the family transfer and settlement had been completed.

The toddler’s body is to undergo autopsy.

The Port authority of the area is conducting preliminary inquiry about the tragedy.

The accommodation center hosts 250 refugees.

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