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Black out on the islands of Rhodes and Halki

It was short after 2:30 on Wednesday afternoon when power went out on the islands of Rhodes and Halki, in South Dodecanese. A total black out that has left thousands of households, businesses, hotels and shops without electricity.

According to local media, both power plants of the island, in Soroni and South Rhodes, stopped working.

Although not officially confirmed, initial indications speak of a damage in the power network due to a lightning bolt.

Technicians are trying to repair the damage.

According to state broadcaster ERT TV, power supply problems are expected to continue until 8 o’ clock in the evening.

By 04:00 p.m., local media reported that the engines in the two power plants went into operation again, with the power supply to have began in several areas of the city of Rhodes.

It is expected that the power supply in districts of the city of Rhodes, in villages and on the island of Halki will soon be normalized.


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