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Pervert student sentenced to 10-month imprisonment on 3-year suspension

A court in Thessaloniki sentenced a pervert student to 10 months imprisonment with a three-year suspended sentence. The 20-year-old student had ejaculated on the back of a female student in the Library of the Aristotle University last week.

The man was still in the university premises when he was arrested. He reportedly told police that he felt the need to “ease pressure.”

The case triggered an uproar in the Greek society. In contrast, two TV presenters of a life-style magazine had to face disciplinary investigation for their sexist and vulgar comments on the case that offended the victim.

The defendant did not appear in court on Tuesday and was represented by a lawyer.

The 20-year-old victim was bent over her books when the sexual attack took place. She told the court that she only realized what had happened after she felt it on her back.

There were other student sin the library during the attack.

The defendant’s mother also testified at the court, saying that what her son did was nonsense. She described him as “a quiet child, who had never created any troubles” and he has regretted his act.”

The mother told also the court that her son had started sessions with a psychologist. She claimed that her son was under pressure with school and had never had any relationship in his life.

The defendant’s lawyer argued that the 20-year-old did not attend the court as they were first waiting that he attends a number of psychological sessions in order to be determined whether he was actually dealing with psychological problems. Another reason was to avoid being “bullied” by reporters, the lawyer said according to local media.

PS Normally authorities give the pictures and the names of sex offenders to the media so that potential other victims speak to police. Maybe this guy has been “protected” due to the new Penal Code?

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