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Development Minister tells farmers “You sowed under Tsipras, ask money from SYRIZA”

Greece’s bigmouth Development Minister dared telling a farmer that if he sowed under the government of Alexis Tsipras he has to ask money from SYRIZA! Development Minister, Adonis Georgiadis, was visiting a sugar factory in Plati, Imathias, West Macedonia. A meeting was also arranged with sugar beet growers.

Minister and farmers discussed about the prices the sugar beets will be sold this year, with the latter to complain about the low prices.

The Minister had brought with him also an investor who was offered them 32 euros. The farmers responded that the price was too low as 15 euros was just the transport cost.

“Τhat’s a nice solution,” a farmer told ironically to the Minister.

What did the indescribable  politician and former TV book seller respond? “You sowed with Tsipras, now go and ask the money from SYRIZA.”

PS yes, they live among us…

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  1. could someone explain to me what business the government has being involved in sugar beets, in any way whatsoever?
    the fact that the govrnment involves itself at all in these things is exactly what is the problem in this country!

    • no idea about state factories and agricultural product prices, right?

    • Govt controlled prices
      Check the Olive Oil industry
      Check how secret price controls allowed entry into the EU

    • The previous government had advised the producers to sow sugar beets although there wasn’t any plan about what to do with it as there was no sugar factory.

      The new minister intervened in order to find a way to somehow use this year’s production and make the new sugar factory.

      So at first glance the one that writes the article is ignorant about why Georgiadis said that they sowed with Tsipras. I don’t believe that is the case though, the author is just engaging in simple propaganda.