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Domestic Violence in Greece increased by 34.35% in 2014-2018

Incidents of domestic violence increased in Greece during that last couple of years. According to data released by Greek Police, registered incidents of domestic violence increased by 34.45% in the period 2014-2018.

The incidents refer to beating and rape, withe majority of victims to be women. are the most common

According to statistics obtained from surveys, 70% -75% of victims of domestic violence are women,” spokesman of Police in Thessaloniki, Christos Dimitrakopoulos, said adding that in the period 2014-2018 66.32% of the victims are women.

The trend is steadily increasing, the spokesman stressed.

He noted that in 2014, there were 3,512 recorded cases of domestic violence in Greece. They reached 3,572 in 2015, 3,838 in 2016, 3,930 in 2017 and jumped to 4,722 in 2018.

“Women constitute 66.32% of the victims,” he said.

 In contrast, statistics on trafficking follow a different, a decreasing path.

“While in 2014 there were 36 cases, in 2018 they fell to 28,” Dimitrakopoulos said adding that the overwhelming majority of the victims of trafficking, 78.43%, were women.

He noted that “the decline is not a coincidence but a result of the coordinated and targeted actions of the Greek police, which is a key link in the Europol chain for the elimination of the phenomenon. ”

Concerning rape victims, he noted that of the incidents reported and recorded in the period 2014-2018, the overwhelming majority of 77.21% are again women.

There are 28 incidents of domestic violence reported to the newly established response office that has been operating since 1 November 2019 in Thessaloniki.
According to Dimitrakopoulos, between November 1-22, 2019, a total 28 incidents of domestic violence were reported to the office, with the victims being: 26 women, four men and two underage children. 11 arrests have been made.
More than 26,000 women have sought advice in the relevant centers, Alpha TV reported. 800 cases were referring to rape by the husband or partner. Majority of women exposed to verbal or physical violence were 34-45 years old, secondary education graduates and most of them unemployed.
On the occasion of the International Day Against Domestic Violence on Monday, November 25, Police in Thessaloniki distributed 1,000 leaflets to raise awareness. “You have a voice, we are with you,” it was written in bold letters on the leaflets.
Similar actions were held in 13 Greek cities.

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