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Thousands trapped on Athens-Corinth highway due to storm damages

Thousands of motorists are trapped on the Athens-Corinth highway since the early morning Monday due to the damages caused by storm Geryon in Kinetta, western Attica. Closed is also the old national road Athens-Corinth.Both directions of the highway were closed to traffic short after the dawn, immobilizing hundreds of private and professional vehicles for several hours.

Athens-Corinth was closed from the 54th to 62nd km, while Corinth-Athens closed from the 62nd km until the tolls of Elefsina-Corinth Canal.

Short after 11:30, one lane to Athens was opened again to traffic, however, due to the high volume of vehicles the problem is not expected to be solved very soon.

According to news website newsit, a driver arrived at the Corinth-Athens highway at 6:30 a.m. and had not moved much still before 12 o’ clock noon.

Efforts are under way to open one lane to Corinth by noon, as well.

There are estimations that it will take hours until the highway is open to Corinth again.

The management of Olympia Highway has issued a statement reportedly urging motorists to cancel any planned travel to Peloponnese.

According to latest information, there are thoughts to open at least one lane of Corinth-Athens to motorists heading to Corinth and the rest of Western Greece.

UPDATE: At 9 o’ clock Monday evening traffic on the Athens-Corinth highway was fully restored in both directions

The old national highway Athens-Corinth was closed to traffic at the 57th km due to the collapse of a bridge after the stream of Pika overflowed. Resolving of the problem is reportedly not imminent.

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