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Edessa Christmas action: The needy can take donated winter jackets from the park

In the city of Edessa, trees are adorned with jackets. No, it’s not an original Christmas decoration but a donation action for the needy of the town in West Macedonia, northern Greece.

Jackets, anoraks sand overalls for children and adults will be hung on the trees a few days before Christmas and stay there for a couple of days until every needy persons in the city has taken what it needs.

The social action runs under the slogan “No one alone in the cold” and ii is organized by the Heart in the City Artists’ Association in collaboration with the municipality of Edessa

The purpose of the action is to dress and warm up people who are really in need, those who because of financial difficulties they are unable to buy a jacket or an anorak for themselves and their children to get through the cold winter months.

The Artists’ Association has already started to collect the clothes at their offices on Egnatia Street 50.

The clothes will “decorate” the trees of the public park in Kupri as of Friday, December 20. The clothes will remain there until Monday, December 23, 2019.

It is the second year that such a charity action takes place.

Last year’s action had gathered around 70 jackets, anoraks and overalls for men, women and children. The clothes disappeared from the trees in just  a few hours.

This year the response of the people is even bigger, the treasurer of the Artists’ Association, Maria Samsaki told state-run news agency amna. Next to jackets and anoraks, people left also gloves, socks and caps on the benches of the part.

Clothes that will not be taken by the needy will be handed out to the Municipality of Edessa that will distribute them to the needy in the social structures of the city.

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