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Gusts bring down several turbines in Karystos wind park

Several turbines in a wind farm on Karystos collapsed as if they were made of paper. Wind gusts blowing with intensity of 160 km/hour  brought down the turbines that were supposed to withstand against extreme weather phenomena.

According to local media Star TV, several wind turbines were found broken and on the ground in the wind park of Katsaroni near the coastal town of Karystos in southern Evia.

The wind park was reportedly inactive but the turbines were not removed.

The winds in the area reached 11 on the Beaufort scale in the past few days, acquiring a speed of 160 kilometers.

Local residents are in shock about the damage and speak of a “miracle” that no  parts of the turbines were flown in the air thus causing material damages or even fatalities.

Locals have been concerned about wind parks near villages and the damages turbines confirmed their worst fears.

Media did not reported about the company owing the wind park and why the project was abandoned.

PS the usual mean Greeks on social media claim “sloppy installation works” and “project money that disappeared in kickbacks.”

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  1. your tax dollars at work, as they say! Every single wind turbine installation in the country has been built and maintained with subsidies (about 1/3 of your electric bill pays for this nonsense!) and it’s big politically connected developers who have access to this flood of free money. Then they get paid enormously inflated prices for the electricity generated, which in the end actually causes more damage to the power grid than anything else- it’s highly variable and unpredictable, and the grid must constantly keep adjusting to the unstable power conditions. in the end just a politically acceptable justification for high-level corruption, and they call it ‘green’