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Flu death toll in Greece increases to 13, several schools closed

Flu death toll has increased to 13 and several schools in Kalavryta and Samothraki were closed due to increased infections among pupils and students.

According to a report of the National Public Health Organization published on Thursday, 13 people have died due to complications following a flu infection since the beginning of the season in last October.

From the thirteen victims, five of them passed out in the last four days. Among them is a four-year-old child that had undergone a heart surgery and was not vaccinated. The oldest victim was 89 years old, two other were aged 40-49.

All victims were infected with the type A flu.

At the same time, a total of 59 serious cases of influenza have been reported, with the infected people to have been hospitalized in hospitals intensive care units.

Those serious cases and the dead have been suffering also form other health issues.

Half of them were not vaccinated, state broadcaster ERT reported on Friday.

According to EODY, laboratory tests confirm infections  with influenza virus of type A, predominantly with the strains H1N1 and H3N2.

According to experts, strain A (H1N1) infects younger people, while the strain A (H3N2) people over 60 years old.

Schools on alert

Schools in Kalavryta and Skepasto, Peloponnese, and the island of Samothraki were closed on Friday due to increased infections among the pupils..

40% of the pupils in Kalavryta have been suffering from infections, state broadcaster ERT TV reported Friday noon with the reporter saying that more and more parents were bringing their children to the local hospital.

the pupils have been suffering with respiratory infections, high fever, coughing and muscle pains.

Schools in three areas of Samothraki remained closed on Friday due

A circular was sent to schools by the Ministry of Health on Thursday with the aim to inform teaching personnel and students about the necessary preventive measures to reduce flu in schools.

Health experts urge citizens to get a vaccination even now, as the flu season normally ends in mid March.

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