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A few rounds of Zeibekiko by Thanasis Antetokounmpo in Paris (video)

Milwaukee Bucks player Thanasis Antetokounmpo used a rare opportunity to show off his dancing skills while in Paris. He met with French street performer Salif Gueye, a 22-year-old dancer performer who owes his fame solely to exposure on the internet.

The two shared a precious moment.

Thanasis asked Salif some advice that he can use to improve his performance, wanted to “raise the pace” during training.

Salifs showed Thanasis his skills and how choreography works.

Thanasis thought “I’m a dancer, too. I’ve got some moves,” danced a few rounds of Zeibekiko. A traditional dance originated from Asia Minor Greeks, usually performed only by men with pride, honor, passion and manhood.

For a few seconds, Antetokounmpo sang the tune of one of the most famous Greek zeibekikos “Evdokias’ Zeibekiko.”

And here is the original performance from film “Evdokia” (1971) and music by Manos Loizos.

The soldier/dancer is Giorgos Koutouzis, constructor worker and amateur actor. The 1.97-meter- tall man appeared in this one film only and did not bother to get involved in the movies business. “Money was tight, there wasn’t any for studying theater and acting.”

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