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Dead baby found at Patras beach – Mother identified UPDs

The body of a baby was found at the Plaza beach in Agya by the city of Patras, western Greece, on Wendesday. The infant was found by a walker who immediately called the authorities. It looked as if the body was washed ashore.

The baby’s age was initially estimated to be of a couple of weeks.

Wednesday evening, local media report that authorities have identified the mother of the dead baby.

The mother is a 27-year-old Greek who gave birth to a baby girl in a local public hospital three days ago. She was discharged on Tuesday and left the hospital with the baby.

So far, the reasons that led her to abandon the baby remain unknown.

KTG reported earlier today that Police, Guard Guard and an ambulance rushed to the spot when the walked alerted them.

The baby was wrapped in a blanket, its face was deformed.

Citing eyewitnesses, local media report that the baby was wearing a grow and that the man who found it initially thought it was a doll.

Authorities investigate the circumstances under which the baby was found in the area. Police seeks the answer to the question whether the baby was abandoned there or it was a victim of a boat wreck.

Port Authorities investigate the possibility to identify another person who may have been with the infant.

Baby clothes have been found in the sea, report local media.

The baby’s body was transferred to the University Hospital of Patras, an autopsy is to determine the exact causes of its death.

The last known migrants boat accident that occurred in western Greece was off the Ionian island of Paxos.

A distance of around 100 nautical miles away, on January 11, 2020.

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