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Migration: Greece calls on NATO allies to strengthen presence in Aegean

Greek Defense Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos called for the strengthening of NATO ‘s presence in the Aegean Sea  in order to halt the migration influx from Turkey.

Speaking at the two-day meeting of NATO Defense Ministers in Brussels, Panagiotopoulos called on all allies, to the best of their abilities, to contribute to further enhancing Allied activity in the Aegean to halt Turkey’s migration flows.

He also reiterated that “military actions, such as those in northern Syria, and agreements with the Tripoli government in Libya, in breach of international law, are of great concern to us as they contribute to destabilizing the Eastern Mediterranean.”

The two-day meeting on February 12-13 focused on developments in the strategic environment of the greater Middle East, including North Africa, the security situation in Afghanistan, the further development of EU-NATO relations and the Alliance’s operational issues.

On the sidelines of the meeting, Panagiotopoulos had a conversation met with his Turkish counterpart, Hulusi Akar, with whom he exchanged views on how the two countries’ military delegations could help reduce tension in bilateral relations at talks on the confidence-building measures scheduled to start in Athens on Monday.

The minister said he made it clear that “in order for the military dialogue to succeed, provocative actions that undermine any effort to build confidence must be avoided.”

PS Unfortunately Greek media do not reply on the allies’ reaction to Panagiotopoulos’ call.

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One comment

  1. Why didn’t the complacent and incompetent EU not see this coming over the last half decade when Turkey boomed and spent on building their military while Greece starved? They are even sending them billions to stem the flow of immigration cause by a conflict Turkey fuels in Syria.

    Will the climate with Trump’s towers in Istanbul further threaten Greece’s security as he abandons Kurds should anyone think of backing this back stabbing and lying president?

    Is Israel, Egypt, France enough of a deterrent for this theocracy run by a dictator or does Greece risk the threat of going to war against this opportunistic sultan.

    It makes one angry enough to stoop to the aggressor’s level of instigating armed conflict to their barbaric provocations.

    What does it take to rid the world’s proliferation and contagion of bad guys and dictators threatening smaller nations?